The AROVCC Board members and committee members have been very busy preparing for a wonderful new year. A few things that have been lined up include:

– Printing of our own ovarian educational brochure

– Distribution of the brochure to all Arkansas Area Health Education Centers and Arkansas Department of Health OB/Gyn offices. (AHEC’s are the primary educational outreach effort of UAMS and the principal means of decentralizing medical and other health professions education throughout the state)

– Preparation and planning for our 4th Annual Awareness Rally, 3rd Annual Survivors Luncheon (August 31) and 2nd Annual Artists for Ovaries (Sept 24). 

Most recently we have had the opportunity to participate in Lilly’s Dim Sum Then Some “One Day, One Community” – One Monday night a month, they feature a local charity and give 15% of their proceeds of the day to the featured group. Thank you all to everyone that came out and supported the AROVCC!!